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Unwrapping Joy: BPS's Top 5 Favourite Christmas Activities

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

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The holiday season is upon us, and at Black Print Studios, we're gearing up for a festive celebration filled with creativity, warmth, and a touch of design magic. As we embrace the joy of the season, let's take a closer look at BPS's Top 5 Favourite Christmas Activities that perfectly blend our love for multimedia and design with the spirit of the holidays.


Christmas Gingerbread house

1. Making Gingerbread Houses: Crafting Edible Architectural Wonders

At Black Print Studios, we appreciate the art of creation, and what better way to express it than by building gingerbread houses?

This Christmas classic not only allows us to showcase our design skills but also indulges our sweet tooth.

From frosting details to candy embellishments, each gingerbread masterpiece is a unique work of art. Share your favourite gingerbread house design in the comments and let's build a virtual village together!

2. Candy Cane Hot Chocolate: Sipping on Sweet Inspiration

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Warm beverages are a Christmas staple, and our favourite is the Candy Cane Hot Chocolate. The rich cocoa paired with the sweet peppermint twist not only warms our hearts but also sparks our creativity.

As you enjoy a cozy mug, tell us in the comments how you infuse your hot chocolate with a touch of inspiration. We might just feature the most creative recipe on our social media!

For the Adults: Add a little peppermint schnapps, peppermint Rumchata, or peppermint vodka for a boozy peppermint drink!

3. Spending Time with Family: The True Design of Happiness

While we are passionate about our work at Black Print Studios, Christmas remindsChristmas us of the importance of family. Whether it's creating handmade decorations together or sharing laughter over a festive meal, the holiday season is the perfect time to cherish those close to us.

Christmas Family Time

How do you incorporate design into your family celebrations? Share your traditions in the comments below!

4. Volunteering: Designing a Better Community

At Black Print Studios, we believe in giving back, and the Christmas season offers the ideal opportunity to make a positive impact.

Christmas Volunteering

Volunteering not only contributes to the well-being of our community but also allows us to use our design skills for a good cause. Have you volunteered during the holidays? Share your experiences and let's inspire others to join us in creating a better world.

5. New Year's Parties: Designing the Countdown

New Years Party - Christmas Season

As the year comes to a close, we eagerly await the grand finale – New Year's Eve!

From stylish decorations to designing the perfect countdown playlist, we love putting our creative spin on the celebrations.

What's your go-to New Year's party design element? Drop your suggestions in the comments, and let's welcome the new year in style together!


BPS Team's Personal Favourites

As a bonus, some members of the Black Print Studios team shared their favourite Christmas activities. From designing custom holiday cards to creating festive digital illustrations, our team finds joy in blending design with the magic of the season. What's your unique way of incorporating your passion into the holidays?

Share your special moments in the comments, and let's celebrate the diversity of design during this festive time!

The holidays are a time to create, connect, and spread joy. At Black Print Studios, we're excited to embrace the season with open hearts and a touch of design flair. Join the conversation in the comments and let us know how you're infusing creativity into your holiday festivities.

From all of us at BPS, happy holidays and may your season be filled with inspiration and design wonders! 🎄✨

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