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Spotlight Business: The TRU Company


The TRU Company stands for transparency, honesty and integrity.

The Tru Company was founded by Sasha M Stevens, born and raised in Ontario.

Early 2021 while finding my truth, I decided to start The Tru Company to help others find their truth. Taking time for yourself to really reflect on your purpose and answering tough questions is hard to come by when we live in a world that is constantly asking for something from us. 

Tru Candles set a mood, Marley and Mystic Mountain take you to the Caribbean islands or Summer Rain and Strawberry Shortcake to a fun summer’s day or cool summer's night.

Over time I plan to expand my business providing you not just candles but an experience when you shop with The Tru Company. 

I hope to motivate others to take risks and do what they love because life is too short to not do anything that does not make you happy.

Always stay TRU to you!

To find out more about The Tru Company visit:


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